A Cookie is a folder that downloads into your computer when you access to particular websites. The Cookies allow a website, among other things, to store and recover the information about the navigation habits from a user or from his computer
he cookies are essential for the network working, providing endless advantages to the interactive services provision, facilitating the navigation and usability of our web.The information that we provide below, will help you to understand the different types of cookies.


ACCORDING TO THE ENTITY THAT MANAGES IT Session cookies Son aquellas que se recaban por el propio editor para prestar el servicio solicitado por el usuario.
Third party cookies Those that are collected and managed by a third person, they cannot be considered ours.
ACCORDING TO THE PERIOD OF TIME THEY STAY ACTIVATED Session cookies They collect data meanwhile the user surfs on the internet providing the requested service.
Persistent cookies They are stored in the terminal and the obtained information will be used by the cookie responsible with the finality of providing the requested service.
ACCORDING TO THEIR PURPOSE Technical cookiess They are the necessary ones for the correct web navigation.
Personalization cookies They allow the user the characteristics (idioms) for the website navigation
Analysis Cookies They allow the provider the associated analysis to the user’s navigation, with the purpose of monitoring the website, as well as making statistics of the most visited contents, number of viewers, etc.
Publicity cookies They allow the editor to include advertising spaces according to the own website content in the own website.
Behavioral advertising cookies They allow the editor to include advertising spaces on the website, depending on the information obtained through the web navigation habbits

In accordance with the article 22.2 of the law 34/2002, of the 11th of July, the services of the Information and Electronic Commerce Society (LSSI-CE), The Chef Ibiza.es limited society reports about the cookie use in our website:



Own cookies Third party cookies Session cookies Persistent cookies
Technical cookies
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  • _dc
  • _atuvc
  • cookie_ue
Personalization cookies - - - -
Analysis Cookies -
  • _ga
  • conv_r
  • conv_v
  • di2
  • dt
  • loc
  • ssc
  • bt
  • user_segment
- -
Publicity cookies -
  • ssc
  • ssh
  • sshs
  • uid
  • uit
  • um
  • auth_token
  • csrf_id
  • guest_id
  • pid
  • _twitter_sess
  • twid
  • act
  • c_user
  • csm
  • p
  • presence
  • s
  • xs
Behavioral publicity Cookies - - - -


As well, The Chef Ibiza.es limited society reports the user that has the chance to change the settings of the navigator to be informed about the cookies receiving, being able to, if it is desire, prevent the installation of those in the hard disk. Now we will provide you several navigations links, through those you can change the settings: